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Business is Booming in Nashville

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BY Grover Collins

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Nashville: A Great Place to Start a Business


The Nashville Chamber released a report with some of the city’s major employers doing business right here in Nashville. No surprise that companies like Vanderbilt University Medical Center and HCA topped the list. In fact, all but one of the top 5 companies are related to health care. Other Nashville businesses on the list might surprise you: Lowe’s Cos., Shoney’s, Dollar General Corp. all have headquarters in Nashville! Not to mention the companies located in the surrounding areas: Tractor Supply Co. in Franklin and Venture Express in LaVergne.

Why do these Nashville businesses plant their roots here?

Recent business leaders have cited multiple reasons:

  • Lower Taxes. In 2014, Tennessee voters passed a constitutional amendment forever prohibiting a state income tax.
  • Cost of Living. For example, the cost of living in Nashville is about 35% less than in New York City and other popular HQ locations. Retweet that for your friends who left Nashville after college.
  • Employee Perks and Attraction. Tennessee isn’t a bad place to raise a family either. There are many top-tier colleges, programs, and job opportunities; and now Tennessee high schoolers are able to attend community college or technical school tuition-free!
  • Quicker Commutes. Transit has been a hot topic here in Nashville. Regardless of a “new” transit system, Nashville traffic still isn’t as severe as the traffic that people face in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York.

other reasons why Nashville is a great place to start a business

  • Infrastructure. Gigabit internet is now offered in areas across Tennessee, making it easier and more affordable to operate your business.
  • Food. Members of our team have traveled many parts of the country, but still say Nashville has the best food options. It’s a melting pot of foreign foods, local restaurants that keep you coming back, and coffee shops on nearly every corner.
  • Talent. Our office has met many talented people over the years, all of whom live in middle Tennessee and are excited to work innovative jobs.

With more companies moving to Nashville than from Nashville, there is no doubt things will only get rowdier downtown.

Also, these are times when your business should probably hire a lawyer.

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BREAKING: Nashville on the relocation shortlist for many companies!!! 

→    AllianceBernstein: Announced its move from Wall Street to Nashville after fifty years in NYC.

→    Amazon: Nashville is on Amazon’s short-list for relocation. Official relocation announcement coming soon.

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