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Good to Know

Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?

Some testify oils or capsules containing CBD has helped anxiety or sleep struggles, while others have attested to its benefits for migraines and digestion issues. Regardless of the use, it still leaves an important question: Are CBD products legal in Tennessee?

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Business Law

Unpaid Internships & the Law

Internship opportunities have been an integral part of higher education for many years. Law firms, the state legislatures, marketing firms, and campaigns are just a few of the places you might find an intern; but are they legal?

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nashville predators ice rink
Nashville Insider


A Nashville man was charged with disorderly conduct, among other things, after throwing a catfish on the ice during Game 1 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs in Nashville. It started a major trend.

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Too Much Fun at CMA Music Fest

It’s that time of year again. CMA Fest. Country music fans from all over are flocking to Nashville for a care-free, fun-filled weekend at the CMA Music Festival. Most attendees plan for a weekend of good music, good beer, and good times—but what happens when the good times get a little too good?

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