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BL2019-1633 Big Blow to RM Zones

A lot of clients ask about what paperwork or permits they need to rent out their home on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or any other site. Knowing that you have to get a permit, what are the steps?

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Environmental Assessments

When purchasing a home, it’s no wonder an environmental assessment might be the last thing on a buyer’s mind. However, this is an important step which should not be missed.

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Interesting Reads

How to Apply for a Property Variance

Are you applying for a variance on your property? Our team has been before the Board of Zoning Appeals dozens of times and knows to follow these important steps. From filing the appeal to providing public notice, it can be a lengthy task. Be sure you don’t miss a step!

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Is Your Property an Attractive Nuisance?

It is no doubt the world is a changing place; but what is different now? Among other things, attractive nuisance laws at the state level. In Tennessee specifically, our laws have been updated as recent as the 2012 legislative session.

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