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Dog Grooming in Tennessee: Cautionary Tales

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BY Grover Collins

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We all want our four-legged friends to be clean and soft, but is there something missing in the process? What is required to operate a dog grooming salon?

There is no doubt some (okay, most) people treat their animals as if they were children. If you just nodded your head in agreement, then chances are you have a dog or cat of your own. However, would you send your human child to a barber or hair salon known for bad habits, unclean practices, or even death? Absolutely not.

regulation of similar industries

Every barber and hair salon in Tennessee, and probably the United States, faces pretty strict standards from the state government. This includes sanitation requirements, personal licensing, and visits from a state inspector. You might not even know that your hair stylist must meet a laundry list of requirements! Recent news stories and talk around town have led us to question if dog grooming salons have similar requirements.

Answer: It appears they do not.

Dog Grooming requirements

However, while there are certifications and classes one can take to learn the art of dog grooming, it appears as if no license is required to operate a dog grooming salon/spa, which is very unlike human barbers. Additionally, a dog grooming company requires only a general business license and no additional permits or regulations of the business.

Therefore, before you take your furry friend for a teeth cleaning and bath, it’s probably a good idea to read reviews online at places like Facebook, Yelp, and Google. While it isn’t guaranteed to stop any bad events, it will give you a better idea of the services they offer when hearing the experiences of others.

Public reaction

Our team is all about animals and supporting small businesses; but we are also about responsible handling of animals and transparency. Hug your pets tight and throw the ball a time or two. Then send us a picture and maybe we’ll feature him or her on our Facebook page.

On a side note, did you know CBD oil is legal in TN?

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