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Google Implements Skewed Advertising Practices

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BY Grover Collins

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Google is attempting to reduce the frustration of annoying pop-up ads by launching a new ad blocking feature that is built into its google chrome browser.

You know those ads that popup unexpectedly as you browse the internet? Well, Google is attempting to reduce that frustration with a new ad blocking feature that is built into its Google Chrome browser.

What exactly is an ad-blocker?

The built-in ad blocker is designed to block ads that Google finds to be overly distracting or annoying to users. In December, Google announced to developers everywhere that the company would ban ads that have a “failing status” in Google’s Ad Experience Report. The announcement came after the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) released guidelines for advertisers to create better browsing experiences for users. Under these guidelines, ads that automatically start playing sound, flash, and take up large portions of the screen even when you scroll (also called “sticky-ads”) would be prohibited on Google.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc., believes the new guidelines will rid the internet of “spammy ads like pop-ups, and make other ads more appealing.” In addition, Google will also block ads that appear on third party sites. Therefore, if a website has multiple ads on it and only one ad violates Google’s standards, all ads on that page’s website would still be blocked by the Chrome browser.

What does this mean for businesses?

This feature directly impacts small businesses who have seen success with ads that Google thinks are “spammy.” Additionally, small business owners who sell ad space on company websites would have all advertisements blocked if only one ad flashes or automatically makes noise.

Google’s ability to pick and choose how companies communicate with consumers is yet another consideration of which small business owners must be aware.

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