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Homeowners Associations: The Pros and Cons

author-thumbnail Grover Collins

BY Grover Collins

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The HOA trend is growing in middle Tennessee

Homeowners’ Associations are a growing trend in middle Tennessee, and you are likely to find them in the larger neighborhoods inside city limits; but what exactly do these HOAs’ control? And what happens if someone (not you, of course) breaks the rules?

The presence of a Homeowners’ Association is commonly enacted by the developer of the neighborhood/subdivision and it may be controlled internally, or operated by a third-party. While some people avoid shopping for any house governed by a set of by-laws, others specifically search for them! Why you may (or may not) want an HOA in your neighborhood…

Your hoa may handle Exterior Maintenance

PRO: In many neighborhoods, the HOA will be responsible for the exterior of the home. This may include driveway repair, landscaping, roofing, fencing, etc.

CON: While some people might want nothing to do with their landscaping, an HOA might not be best for people who want to grow a large vegetable garden or plant your own trees. Oftentimes, the HOA limits what and where things can be planted.

The hoa may settle Disputes with Neighbors

PRO: If your neighbor has a habit of throwing late-night parties every single week (not speaking from experience, of course), the HOA will likely gather the complaints anonymously and discuss the issue with the alleged party-throwing homeowner. Otherwise, walking the dog could get… awkward.

CON: However, if you ARE the party-throwing neighbor, having a violation reporting system might not go so well.

the hoa may set Restrictions on Occupancy

PRO: Almost every HOA has a limit on the number of people who live/stay in the house at one time. Or even to whom you may rent and for how long. If you want to live in a likely quieter neighborhood and not feel crowded, this restriction is a definite pro.

CON: If you want to use a property as a future rental, either as long-term or short-term (think AirBnb), you might run into some problems. Actually, it’s almost guaranteed.

hoa Monthly or Annual Fees

PRO: If you love the thought of having an HOA in your neighborhood, the fee may be a reasonable price for you to pay for paradise.

CON: Fees for an HOA can be anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 per month in the middle Tennessee area.

What happens if a homeowner violates a regulation set forth by the homeowners’ association? Usually a fine is imposed on the offending party. The fine may start at $50.00 or more, and could increase with each offense.

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