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Have you ever wondered what was in an NFL contract with a Head coach?

The Tennessee Titans recently hired a new head coach, Mike Vrabel, to lead our home team to Superbowl LIII. Though Vrabel’s 2018 salary is still unknown, it will likely be upwards of $4,000,000.00. That’s right: six zeros. We thought that was a lot of money, but a little googling taught us some head coaches in the NFL earn upwards of $7 Million. In fact, Jon Gruden, the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders, signed a 2018 salary of $10 Million. (Apparently he set a record with that one.)

For a Seven-Figure Salary, What Terms Do These head Coaches Face in Their Contracts?

Below is a list of things possibly found in the coaching contracts:

Termination: Football fans often hear the term “three-year contract” or for some other determinable number of years. However, it is in most NFL Coaching contracts that a coach can be terminated with very little notice as long as there is specific cause. How does this work? It usually hinges on a requirement the coach leads the team to an agreed-upon win-to-loss ratio or some other success-based measurement.

Withholding Salary: NFL coaches’ contracts contain provisions negotiated between coaches and the League regarding the NFL’s right to withhold some or all of a coach’s salary during a lockout.

Joining the NFLCA: Coaches have the option, and are encouraged, to join the National Football League Coaching Association. While some critics call attention to the NFLCA for giving the coaches too much bargaining power, many coaches enjoy the benefits of collective-bargaining. At this time, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots is the only head coach not a member of the NFLCA.

Contracts are Crucial No Matter the Size of the Salary

Your employment contract may or may not include a $4 Million payout, but the terms of any contract are nevertheless still very important. If you need a highly skilled contract lawyer to review the terms, or even create one from scratch, Collins Legal is ready to help. Our team has over a decade of experience both in contract law and as sports enthusiasts.



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