Nashville VRBO and Airbnb Regulations


BY Grover Collins

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Did you know Nashville is home to some of the strictest short-term rental regulations in the country? If you plan on listing your home on one of the popular home-sharing sites such as VRBO and Airbnb, there are some important things to know.

Causing the most confusion, the Nashville VRBO and Airbnb regulations are not self-explanatory or necessarily common if you have rented in other cities.

First, you must have a permit to advertise or operate

This means that even if you plan on getting a permit but you want to list the property to gauge interest, you are violating the Metro Ordinance. This is a common mistake for Nashville VRBO or Airbnb hosts and the fastest way to land you with a citation in the Metro Environmental Court. If you want to know how to obtain a permit, contact our team of experienced Short Term Rental lawyers.

Second, you must renew your permit every year

While many people have already secured a permit, many forget to renew. Metro Nashville has been bombarded in recent months with Airbnb and VRBO owners who did not realize their permit was only valid for one year. Moreover, the Metro Department of Codes is not required to send you notice to renew… you must manage this yourself. We have found that many Airbnb operators prefer to hire a Nashville attorney to handle this crucial step.

Third, a violation may be subject to a monetary fine

This is a big deal. If you garner three strikes or more against your property, your permit is subject to revocation. Even permits grandfathered by the Tennessee Legislature can be revoked upon receipt of three or more strikes. If you want to know more about what constitutes a strike, it’s best to read the Metro code and contact a Nashville legal team. Furthermore, if you receive a notice about a strike, be prepared to fight it.

Finally, know the rules are constantly changing

The Metro council has been aggressive in combating a perceived problem with Nashville VRBO and Airbnb hosts. Metro has changed the ordinances regulating short term rentals more than a dozen times in the last twelve months. With the quickly changing state and local laws, you must stay vigilant and up to date with the changes. Metro often shows little mercy for someone not knowing the law. We’ve seen many permits revoked because the host simply did not know!

If you plan on renting your home in Nashville on VRBO, Airbnb or any other home-sharing site, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

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