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When an officer pulls someone over for suspected drunk driving, he or she may ask the individual to submit to a blood or breath test. Collins Legal’s criminal defense team breaks down what the tests mean and how to attack the credibility of the results.

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In Tennessee, a person is presumed intoxicated when their blood or breath alcohol consumption [BAC] rate is 0.08%. Consequently, when an officer tests a person’s blood or breath for intoxication and the test results are equal to or above 0.08%, the officer has the authority to arrest and charge an individual with DUI. Just because the test results indicate an individual’s BAC was 0.08% or higher at the time of arrest, does not mean the person is guilty of DUI. 

The standard factors that should be examined to determine the reliability of both blood and breath tests are provided herein. These are many avenues to attack DUI charges – these just scratch the surface. We advise those facing a DUI charge to retain an attorney who knows and understands DUI prosecutors, officers and laws. 

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Being charged with a DUI is life-altering. It is a set-back that no one can afford to take lightly.

Collins Legal’s DUI defense team has two priorities for all DUI clients.

  1. Dispose of the charge.
  2. Give clients the confidence to move forward with life.

With a decade of experience, our DUI defense team knows the prosecutions’ arguments, the requisite procedures officers should follow, and the law. The lead DUI defense attorney served as a DUI prosecutor for five years – in two separate District Attorney’s offices. Under his leadership, the DUI defense team ensures Collins Legal’s DUI clients are well taken care of.

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