seth cline

Seth N. Cline

About Seth N. Cline

“The difference between dreamers and doers is action

Part of Newton’s first law of motion holds an object in motion stays in motion. Seth Cline stays in motion. Whether it be formulating legal strategies or streamlining processes within our practice to provide our clients with quality deliverables, he is a doer.

Deliberate and intentional. Having grown up on a cattle farm in northern, middle Tennessee, Seth learned from an early age the value of hard work, not cutting corners, and doing things right – the first time. In addition to these values, Seth’s experience in the corporate business world and consumer banking industry have allowed him to successfully take on a large practice which he strives to grow at a high level.


Taking advantage of the ability to not be limited in his practice, Seth has been exposed to a wide purview of the legal arena that spans from working with contractors to build homes in Nashville for tomorrow’s residents, to assisting local Tennesseans realize their dreams by starting their first business, to ensuring an individual’s rights are adequately represented in criminal court. Seth understand there is no “one size fits all solution” for his clients; as such, he uses the resources at Collins Legal to provide clear, measurable, personalized solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

Away from the office, you won’t find Seth inside. If he isn’t on the golf course, playing volleyball, or riding horses, you will find Seth with his Aussidoodle, Boone, hiking and exploring middle Tennessee.

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