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Resolving Real Estate Disputes

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Resolving a Real Estate Dispute: 3 Methods to Use

Staring down a real estate dispute? Our Nashville real estate law blog describes three common ways people resolve them with a lawyer’s help.

Real estate law can be rife with complications, even when considering what seems to be a straightforward transaction or situation. Due to the inherent intricacies of the law, disputes and challenges can and do arise often, and for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless of the details as to why a real estate legal dispute occurs, it will usually be resolved in one of three ways.

The top three methods for real estate dispute resolution

    1. REVIEW: When you know you are not in the wrong and feel confidently that the opposition in the dispute has simply misread a contract, you can ask them to carefully review all relevant contracts in detail before proceeding. This method has the potential to stop a case before it even starts. Be careful with your wording, though, as any communication between yourself and the other parties could be brought up in any future resolution methods. It is advised you work with a real estate law attorney before responding to challenges or inquiries that could lead to a dispute.
    2. MEDIATION: When trying to avoid the courtroom but unable to avoid legal conflict altogether, mediation can be used as a handy real estate legal dispute resolution. Parties will gather together in a conference room or law office for a meeting or meetings hosted by a neutral third-party mediator. This professional is tasked with providing legal guidance and clarity without actually trying to influence the outcome of the discussions.
    3. LITIGATION: As a legal “last resort,” litigation involves taking a case or complaint to a courtroom for resolution. Parties in the real estate law conflict will want to prepare their case and arguments with the help of an attorney. Litigation will eventually bring finality to a case, even if the case result is contested and appealed several times to higher courts.

Before you start with any of the aforementioned resolution techniques for a real estate legal dispute, begin first by calling Collins Legal.

The top three methods for real estate law dispute resolution

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