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Every state has its own laws pertaining to carrying a handgun. In this blog, we discuss the Concealed Carry laws in Tennessee. Contact one of our Attorneys if you get a Weapon Charge

Steps to getting a concealed carry permit in tennessee

While our Founding Fathers secured your constitutional right to own a handgun, each state has its own laws addressing how, when, and where you can carry it. Here’s what you need to know about handgun carry permits in Tennessee and how to be a responsible handgun owner.

While you are generally within your legal rights to carry your handgun in public, there are a few guidelines for licensed carriers in Tennessee:

WHO: If you are a Tennessee citizen over the age of 21, you are eligible to obtain a Handgun Carry Permit upon successfully completing a background check and a Handgun Safety Course. These permits are issued on an eight-year cycle and apply only to the handguns that the carrier legally owns.

* Exception: If you have a felony, under no circumstances may you possess or carry a hndgun.

WHAT: While you do not need a permit to possess a loaded handgun, you do need a permit to carry it. You may store your handgun in your car – with or without a permit.

HOW: You may carry a handgun either openly or concealed, as long as it is not being carried for criminal purposes.

WHERE: You may not carry your handgun into courthouses, schools, airports, military bases, or other government buildings. Additionally, some private institutions – restaurants, hotels, or grocery stores – may prohibit handguns by posting a “No Firearms” sign at their establishment.


To ensure you and the people in your community are safe around handguns, here are a few tips:

KNOW which public and private places are handgun-acceptable.

STORE your firearms so that they are not accessible to children.

RENEW your permit at least six months before your permit expires.

ALCOHOL and handguns do not mix. If you think you may enjoy a drink at an establishment , leave your handgun at home.

While having the ability to carry a handgun is a right, make sure you stay within the parameters of the law so that right is not taken away. If you need to have your legal rights protected, reach out to our Nashville criminal defense lawyer to see what is in your best legal interest.



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