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BL2019-1633 Big Blow to RM Zones

A lot of clients ask about what paperwork or permits they need to rent out their home on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway or any other site. Knowing that you have to get a permit, what are the steps?

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Good to Know

Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?

Some testify oils or capsules containing CBD has helped anxiety or sleep struggles, while others have attested to its benefits for migraines and digestion issues. Regardless of the use, it still leaves an important question: Are CBD products legal in Tennessee?

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traffic ticket in davidson county

When Potholes Damage Your Car

Under state law, a state or local government may be liable for pothole damages if the government entity “negligently created or maintained a condition on a highway.” This process can be difficult, but we walk you through it in our latest blog.

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