Amanda Wrinkle

Director of Operations
About Amanda Wrinkle

Hair tossed, check my nails, baby how you feelin?

Amanda Wrinkle brings calm, cool, collectedness to Collins Legal as the company’s Office Administrator.

People often describe Amanda as: a pillar of strength, confidence in the storm, a touch of kindness, and the definition grace. One can’t leave her presence without being better for being in her space. Her watchful eye is always surveying the surroundings for potential issues. Place her solid background in finance and information security from her banking days alongside those ninja-like leadership skills, and you have the person who oversees Collins Legal’s day-to-day activities.

When asked to describe herself, Amanda’s immediate answer is “a duck.” Why? Because (most) ducks do a little bit of everything. They fly, dive, walk, and swim. But Amanda’s biggest parallel to ducks… Their ability to seemingly float. When you see a duck sitting on the water it looks effortless. How do they make it look so easy? Take a look under the water and you realize that is where all the hard work is taking place. The constant movement of their feet keeps the duck afloat going in the direction of their choice while making everything seem so effortless above water.

Amanda manages new client accounts and office workflow. She is the point of contact for job applicants and employees alike. She handles accounts receivable and payable. In a nutshell, Amanda commands all of these responsibilities while making it seem fluid and efficient.


Middle Tennessee State University
College of Mass Communication
B.S. | 2015


Alpha Chi Omega


Client Relations



Security & Compliance

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