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Collins Legal has over a decade of experience in the criminal justice arena. By serving on both sides of the justice system, our criminal defense team knows the prosecutions’ strategies, the law enforcements’ procedures and the law. We help people minimize the damage of their mistakes and protect their constitutional rights. We fight for justice when our clients have been wrongly accused. And we protect victims of crimes when the criminal justice system is not doing its part.  

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Honest counsel who is great a their job. We are driven by being the best.

Our criminal defense team’s tenacity and unparalleled legal skills have resulted in awards and recognition within the industry. More importantly, we have helped hundreds of clients [and counting] achieve their desired results. We accept clients that are both victims of crimes and those charged with crimes. Everyone deserves representation.

With a decade of experience  –  including time as a prosecutor  –  Collins Legal’s clients are well taken care of by our criminal team. Our clients put their experience in the criminal justice system behind them and move forward with a prosperous future.

what to expect

From investigation and arrest to navigating the court system, we are with our clients every step of the way. We provide our clients with upfront, no nonsense, real advice regarding their case, so they can make informed decisions every step of the way.​


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