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Collins Legal offers a comprehensive suite of legal services that are specifically tailored to our business and corporate clients. Our legal team provides these clients with the competitive advantage needed to ensure their liabilities are kept to a minimum while maintaining their momentum.

We are a crucial component of our clients’ decision-making teams. Being at the table with our clients as they make decisions – big and small – ensures their assets and interests are protected. Our clients remain on the offensive, always controlling their business and their narrative, because we forecast, plan and guard against what could put them on the defensive.

Our Business & Corporate Law Services

  • At Collins Legal, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why our approach to business and consulting is tailored specifically to your needs. We specialize in creating innovative solutions that solve your toughest business challenges. Whether it’s marketing strategy, operational management, financial analysis or organizational restructuring, our team of experienced professionals provides expert advice and customized strategies to help you succeed. From strategic planning to execution and everything in between, we are dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level.

  • The aim of Contracts & Asset Protection is to protect and secure an individual’s or company’s assets from financial and legal risk. This is achieved through creating legally-binding documents that govern the way individuals, businesses, and other entities interact with each other and are protected from unforeseen events. Contracts & Asset Protection typically involves utilizing multiple layers of protection such as contract law, state laws, federal laws, international law, taxation regulations, estate planning, and business operations.
    These tools provide individuals and businesses with a way to protect their property and resources against financial loss caused by litigation or disputes over ownership or use rights. Additionally, contracts can also provide financial incentives for people to enter into mutually beneficial agreements without fear of losing their assets. By properly structuring the terms of these contracts, individuals and businesses can effectively safeguard themselves against any financial liabilities they may incur during transactions.
    Furthermore, proper asset protection allows owners to minimize their exposure to liability while preserving their ability to conduct future business transactions in a safe manner. Asset protection is an essential part of doing business in today’s highly litigious environment; it provides individuals and businesses with security and stability in times of uncertainty. Through thorough legal advice and research prior to signing any contract or taking any legal action, one can be sure that their assets will be secured when the time comes.
  • Dissolution is the process by which a legal entity or business comes to an end. It involves following a specific set of steps and is necessary for organizations such as partnerships, corporations, or limited liability companies (LLCs). This process can also be applied to charities, voluntary organizations, or other types of entities that require formal closure. The steps taken during the dissolution process will depend on the laws in each jurisdiction, but generally include giving notice to creditors, liquidating assets, paying off any remaining debts, filing paperwork with relevant government authorities and distributing any remaining assets to shareholders.

  • Formations and Organizations is a professional services firm providing specialized advice, guidance and consulting in the areas of corporate formation, corporate structuring, company formations, organization structuring and restructuring. We specialize in assisting our clients in achieving their goals by helping them build companies from start to finish, taking care of all of the important steps along the way. We strive to make sure our clients understand the process, including legal paperwork and tax filings that are required. With our extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, family businesses and large companies, we offer tailor-made solutions that help each business maximize their success. Additionally, we can provide consulting on international expansion plans as well as mergers & acquisitions strategies. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do ensures that every client gets results they are looking for in their formation or reorganization.

  • Employee Relations is a critical part of any Human Resources team, dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive working environment that meets both employee and employer needs. We help keep the focus on understanding and responding to employee needs and concerns through various initiatives such as fostering open communication between staff members and management, conducting regular performance appraisals, resolving conflict, providing educational and training resources, developing competitive rewards programs, administering discipline in an equitable manner, promoting workplace safety practices, and upholding legal compliance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of your employees while maintaining legal compliance.

  • This area of law involves the legal representation of businesses that are looking to expand their operations and enter into franchising agreements. It covers all aspects of a business’s expansion process, from negotiating franchise contracts to advising on corporate restructuring and real estate acquisitions. Additionally, it encompasses disputes arising out of such transactions and regulatory compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Experienced lawyers in this field are essential to ensuring the successful implementation of a company’s expansion or franchising initiatives.

  • Regulatory Compliance law deals with assisting businesses to remain compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. This type of law helps ensure that businesses are following legal requirements, such as tax obligations and consumer safety standards, in order to maintain a legally compliant operation. Lawyers who specialize in Regulatory Compliance may help businesses interpret rules and regulations, create internal compliance policies and procedures, conduct internal audits, represent businesses during inspections and enforcement actions, assist with corrective action plans if necessary, advise on emerging compliance issues, develop processes to mitigate compliance risk, advise on technology-related issues, assist with communications regarding any enforcement matters or other regulatory changes that might impact their operations, and provide guidance regarding criminal liability.

  • Taxes and Licenses law deals with legal advice and guidance on matters related to taxes and the licenses needed to conduct certain activities or operate certain businesses. It involves helping clients understand their obligations when it comes to filing taxes, paying taxes, applying for licenses, and making sure they remain in compliance with local regulations. It also covers providing counsel to individuals or businesses facing tax audits or license issues, including representing them in front of the appropriate governmental bodies.

  • Business Transactions is an area of law that deals with the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement of agreements related to business activities such as purchasing, leasing, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, financing transactions, and other contractual arrangements. This area of law encompasses many aspects of commercial transactions and is vital for businesses in order to operate successfully and lawfully. Business lawyers are often called upon to provide guidance and advice in the formation and operation of business entities as well as any associated transactions. They help businesses create contracts, handle compliance issues, negotiate on behalf of their clients, resolve disputes arising out of contractual relationships, protect intellectual property rights, provide counsel regarding taxes and corporate governance matters.

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Our business law attorneys offer comprehensive representation and extensive knowledge in the field to each of our clients. We truly care about each of our clients and our legal team is dedicated to analyzing your objectives and providing you with personalized advice. Our proficiency is just one of many qualities which has set us apart from other firms in the area, as well as the time we put into each case we take on.

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