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Collins Legal offers a comprehensive suite of legal services specifically tailored to our real estate clients. Our real estate legal team provides these clients with the competitive advantage needed to ensure their liabilities are kept to a minimum while maintaining their momentum.

Collins Legal’s inception is rooted in real estate. We believe that no matter the goal, the entity or the person, both the foundation of basic human needs and the definition of success [to some] is real property.


Our Real Estate Services

  • When it comes to Zoning Regulations, you need a law firm that isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves. Sometimes the difference in your zoning issue, it the fight the attorney is willing to put up. We aren’t’ afraid to fight. We have even been known to hold the Metro government in contempt if they break their own rules. Our firm has a wealth of experience representing property owners, home builders and developers, as well as short term rental operators, large businesses, and homeowners’ associations in navigating state and local land use and zoning laws that restrict the use of property. We deal with the Metro Nashville Council on a regular basis and are extremely experienced in working with members of that body in order to accomplish the goals of our clients.

  • The closing of a real estate transaction requires a quite a bit of coordinated effort from the buyers, agents, sellers, and loan officers. Once  the Contract is signed laying out and the basic price, closing date and other terms, the real work begins. 

    Following the Contract signing, a title search, a title commitment, a closing protection letter and other financial information is required. Buyers must also work to conduct a property inspection. A Nashville real estate closing attorney will generally assist the client with all of these matters.

    Finally, at the closing the parties will need to execute documents such as a deed, loan agreement, deed of trust, closing disclosures, and settlement statement. These papers need to be prepared for signing on the closing date. The exact amount of funds necessary to finalize the purchase and pay for any outstanding items such as mortgage pay-offs and financing costs must be calculated beforehand and brought to the closing.

  • Contractor Disputes
    Easement Dispute
    Landlord Defense

  • Our Firm routinely creates Horizontal Property Regimes for builders. The firm also works on large projects including residential and commercial subdivisions, specific plan development, and planned developments. Often, these types of projects require important discussions between the property owners and members of the staff, either at the Metro Nashville Council or the Metro Nashville Planning Commission.

  • Non-Split & Split Closings
    Title Work
    Title Insurance

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We are a crucial component of our clients’ decision-making teams. Being at the table with our clients as they make decisions – big and small – ensures their assets and interests are protected. Our clients remain on the offensive, always controlling their interests and their narrative, because we forecast, plan and guard against what could put them on the defensive.

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