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Business Law

Drafting Contracts: Dos and Don’ts

A successful business is built on a strong foundation, which includes a straightforward and comprehensive contract. From initial startup to growth and development, contracts can clarify business arrangements and partnerships, protecting your business interests.

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Intellectual Property Lawyers in Nashville
Business Law

What is Intellectual Property?

As a property owner, you have specific rights guaranteed by both state and federal law. Just as property rights protect your places or things, it also includes that which is not tangible, such as brand names used in commerce and expert knowledge.

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Doing Business in Tennessee | Limited Liability Companies | LLCs | Nashville Business Lawyers
Business Formation

Why Lawyers Recommend LLCs in Tennessee

Most clients come to our office with a great idea for a business; they just need help creating that business and giving it life. In Tennessee, the first step in creating any business is determining which form of business is the most appropriate.

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business lawyers in nashville
Business Tips

Google Implements Skewed Advertising Practices

Have you ever been annoyed by ads that pop up unexpectedly as you browse the internet? Well, Google is attempting to reduce that frustration by launching a new ad blocking feature that is built into its Google Chrome browser.

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