Either party may request or be awarded alimony in a divorce, regardless of gender. The laws regarding alimony in Tennessee have undergone significant changes recently, but our experienced divorce lawyers in Nashville can answer your questions about alimony and help you determine whether you may be eligible to receive alimony or may be at risk of paying alimony in the future.

TYPES OF alimony


There are several different types of alimony which may be described as either periodic alimony or permanent alimony. The court can also order that alimony is paid in a lump sum. Alimony payments must be a set dollar amount and/or for a specific period of time.

Whether alimony can be modified in the future depends entirely on the type of alimony awarded by the court and on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. Only certain types of alimony can be modified or terminated after the divorce.

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factors that may determine alimony


If one spouse requests alimony from the other, the court will evaluate and consider numerous factors proscribed by Tennessee law. These factors will determine the type of alimony, if any, as well as the amount, duration, and the manner of payment. According to the Tennessee Supreme Court, the primary consideration of the divorce court is “the disadvantaged spouse’s need and the obligor spouse’s ability to pay” alimony. Ultimately, the decision of whether to award alimony falls soundly within the discretion of the trial judge.

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what to expect

At Collins Legal, we understand the seriousness of legal family matters. The stakes of a family law case are incredibly high and often involve matters such as the rights to your children, divorce terms, or whether or not a spouse will need to pay support. Our firm is dedicated to pursuing the best interests of our clients and their families. With over a decade of experience to back us, our family attorneys in Nashville can provide legal guidance through the duration of your case—from start to finish—and aggressively secure your rights to family, support, and assets.

Our firm recognizes that every family is different. When a client comes to us, we make the effort to learn each detail of the case and craft personalized legal strategies, ensuring the best possible outcome. We take pride in instilling confidence when clients put their case in our hands.

If your case did not end well or if your situation has changed since your case was handled, Collins Legal can also handle appeal or modification cases. Things happen in life and changes sometimes have to be made. Whether you need to modify your child support due to the loss of your job or you would like to appeal for visitation rights, our family law attorneys in Nashville have the know-how to help.


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