DUI Costs

Being charged with DUI isn’t just a legal issue. It’s a financial one as well. The costs associated with a DUI offense in Tennessee add up extremely quickly. The majority of the costs come from fines and court fees, but there are numerous associated costs from probation, DUI school, and other fees.

Collins Legal’s DUI defense team is well-versed in this field. We help our clients be part of the statistic that learns from their mistake and never reoffends. A better tomorrow is a safer tomorrow.

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Important Information to know

Costs to Expect

The costs for a first-time DUI offender can exceed well past $1,000.

  • 48-hour jail fee: $650.00
  • 1st offense DUI fine: $350.00
  • 12-month probation fee: $466.00
  • Alcohol safety school: $270.00
  • Restricted driver’s license fee: $67.00

Total: $1,803.00

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Fees to Consider

Depending upon the specific circumstance, the fees stated below may apply.

  • For each additional day in jail beyond the initial 48-hours: $44.00/day
  • Pre-trial release fee: $35.00
  • Refusal of breath test fee [on-site]: $17.50
  • Public service work fee: $132.00
  • Minimum fines: Increase depending on the number of offenses on the record
  • Probation fees: Increase depending on the number of offenses on the sentence

Other fees to factor in:

  • Ignition Interlock Device:  A judge will order you to install an Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle – at your expense.
  • Restitution: Take into consideration any restitution that you will pay to any other person involved suffering personal injury or loss.
  • SR-22:  SR-22 is a special type of insurance premium you will have to obtain and pay upon obtaining your restricted driver’s license.

*  The estimated costs below are based on a DUI plea in Davidson County General Sessions court. 

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DUI Defense Expectations

What to Expect

Being charged with a DUI is life-altering. It is a set-back that no one can afford to take lightly. Collins Legal’s DUI defense team has two priorities for all DUI clients.

  1. Dispose of the charge.
  2. Give clients the confidence to move forward with life.

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