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According to Tennessee state law, drug use may cause driving impairment. Consequently, a DUI conviction may result from operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

DUI convictions have severe punishments and life-altering consequences. They are not expungeable – meaning it will remain with you for a lifetime. Thus, it is paramount to hire the right attorney to defend these charges, keep the punishments to a minimum and prevent these convictions from being on your record.

Collins Legal’s DUI defense team is well-versed in this field. We help our clients be part of the statistic that learns from their mistake and never reoffends. A better tomorrow is a safer tomorrow.

drug use causes driving impairment


Tennessee Law : Drivers are prohibited from operating a vehicle while “Under the influence of any intoxicant, marijuana, narcotic drug, or drug producing stimulating effects on the central nervous system.” 

Meaning : Tennessee law considers combining the use of drugs and driving to be the same as drinking alcohol and driving. Should an individual use drugs and operate a vehicle, they are considered to be driving while impaired and could be arrested and charged with DUI. 

Important: The use of medicine legally prescribed by a doctor or physician while operating a vehicle can result in a DUI arrest and charge. 

Officers examine the eyes, characteristics, and physical movement to determine if a person is driving under the influence of drugs.  Officers can draw a person’s blood to determine the specific type(s) and amount of drug(s) are in a person’s system using the Blood Alcohol Content [BAC] test. 

In Tennessee, a person is presumed intoxicated when their BAC rate is 0.08%. Consequently, when an officer tests a person’s blood for intoxication and the test results are equal to or above 0.08%, the officer has the authority to arrest and charge an individual with DUI. Just because the test results indicate an individual’s BAC was 0.08% or higher at the time of arrest, does not mean the person is guilty of DUI. 

The BAC blood tests are not foolproof. A flaw or error can occur at any point during the administration of the BAC test or with the test itself. Should no error or flaw occur, a DUI conviction is more likely to occur.

Our defense strategy is formulated based on the events, facts and evidence surrounding the DUI arrest. The standard factors that should be examined to determine the reliability of BAC tests can be found HERE.

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Drug Impairment Effects


→    aggressiveness, alertness, disoriented behavior, dizziness, euphoria, excitation, increased focus, increased heartrate, irritability, paranoia

→    altered time & space perception, disorientation, drowsiness, euphoria, increased heart rate, paranoia

→    delusions, euphoria, excitation, hallucinations, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, poor impulse control

→    analgesia, depressed heart rate, diminished reflexes, disconnectedness, drowsiness, intense euphoria, mental clouding, nausea & vomiting

→    altered mental state, delusions, hallucinations, impaired depth, tremors

→    anxiety, drowsiness, euphoria, impaired coordination, slow reaction time

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Being charged with a DUI is life-altering. It is a set-back that no one can afford to take lightly.

Collins Legal’s DUI defense team has two priorities for all DUI clients.

  1. Dispose of the charge.
  2. Give clients the confidence to move forward with life.

With a decade of experience, our DUI defense team knows the prosecutions’ arguments, the requisite procedures officers should follow, and the law. The lead DUI defense attorney served as a DUI prosecutor for five years – in two separate District Attorney’s offices. Under his leadership, the DUI defense team ensures Collins Legal’s DUI clients are well taken care of.

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