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Underage Consumption


Tennessee state law imputes strict regulations on minors who consume, purchase or possess alcohol. While Underage Consumption may seem like a minor offense, the conviction will remain on a person’s background for life. 



Underage Consumption: Anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited from consuming, purchasing or possessing alcohol in Tennessee.

Depending on the individuals’ age, those charged with underage consumption are treated as either minors or adults.

→   Under the age of 18: Persons are considered minors. These cases are disposed of in the Juvenile court system.

→   Between the ages of 18 and 21: Persons are considered adults. These cases are go through the General Sessions court system.

Underage Consumption: Class A Misdemeanor

→   Maximum Jail Time: 11 months & 29 days

*  All jail time is mandatory as set by Tennessee state law. 

→   Maximum fine: $2,500.00

*  All fines are mandatory as set by Tennessee state law.

→   Minimum driver’s license suspension: One year

→   Restricted driver’s license eligibility: At the court’s discretion 

While Underage Consumption is a misdemeanor, this conviction will remain on a person’s criminal record for life.  Both employers and potential employers will discover an Underage Consumption conviction in background checks. Having an Underage Consumption makes many students ineligible to receive scholarships and cancels existing scholarships needed for school. This conviction can make persons ineligible to attend higher-education institutions and/or receive professional licenses.

Our defense strategy is formulated based on the events, facts and evidence surrounding the arrest. 

→   We look into the arresting officer’s conduct and determine if the said officer followed proper protocol. 

→   More information about our Defense Strategies HERE.

what to expect

Being charged with an Underage Consumption is life-altering. It is a set-back that no one can afford to take lightly.

Collins Legal’s Criminal Defense team has two priorities for all clients.

  1. Dispose of the charge.
  2. Give clients the confidence to move forward with life.

With a decade of experience, ourCriminal Defense team knows the prosecutions’ arguments, the requisite procedures officers should follow, and the law. The lead Criminal Defense attorney served as a prosecutor for five years – in two separate District Attorney’s offices. Under his leadership, the Criminal Defense team ensures Collins Legal’s clients are well taken care of.

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