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Collins Legal offers a comprehensive suite of legal services specifically tailored to our general legal counsel clients. By retaining Collins Legal as general legal counsel, clients have a dedicated legal team to counsel and represent them as various legal matters occur. This unique relationship with Collins Legal ensures clients’ liabilities are kept to a minimum, and their momentum is never put on hold.

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Collins Legal provides all-encompassing legal services specifically tailored to our business and corporate clients. Our legal team is a crucial component of our business clients’ decision-making teams. Being at the table with our clients as they make decisions – big and small –  ensures their assets and interests are protected.


Collins Legal’s inception is rooted in real estate. We believe that no matter the goal, the entity or the person, both the foundation of basic human needs and the definition of success [to some] is real property. Collins Legal offers a comprehensive suite of services addressing most real estate matters – with the focus being to assist clients in protecting, acquiring, selling and accumulating wealth from their real estate. 


Promoting and protecting clients’ best interests is at the forefront of Collins Legal’s objectives. Contracts, promissory notes, demand letters, UCC filings and other transactional matters are at the heart of the services Collins Legal provides clients. We give legal counsel on matters that could have legal implication if not executed correctly. Whether it is simply reviewing a document or undertaking a massive project, we provide clients with support on issues that need the backing of an attorney.  


Everyone – both individuals and companies – are affected by the government. Collins Legal ensures our clients’ positions are heard at all levels and are suitably protected from any upcoming changes before they happen. We advance clients’ interests and serve as their catalyst for change. We protect clients from government sanctions that seek to strip them of their livelihood. Collins Legal’s knowledge, experience and relationships with government entities is the crucial component to our clients’ success. 


To prevail in any arena, passion and the belief in a position must be present. Collins Legal prevails in the legal arena because our litigation team is passionate about being great and believes in our clients’ positions.


Collins Legal offers a comprehensive suite of services addressing all intellectual property concerns. Whether clients need a provisional patent application filed around a “Eureka” moment, a licensing or equity transaction for a platform technology, or an inventory of software permissions, our intellectual property lawyers help clients protect original ideas and products so that no one else can capitalize on their hard work without due remittance and recognition.


Collins Legal helps our family law clients pursue their goals and accomplish their objectives. Knowing the law is only half the battle. Understanding when, where and how to make the argument is the foundation of winning the argument. Our family law attorneys extensive experience both in and out of court give our clients a distinct advantage.  This team specializes in litigating, mediating and resolving family related legal matters. 


Collins Legal has over a decade of experience in the criminal justice arena. By serving on both sides of the justice system, our criminal defense team knows the prosecutions’ arguments, the law enforcements’ procedures and the law. We help people minimize the damage of their mistakes and protect their constitutional rights. We fight for justice when our clients have been wrongly accused. And we protect victims of crimes when the criminal justice system is not doing its part.  


Just as Collins Legal provides business and corporate clients with an all-encompassing suite of legal services, we provide a similar suite of legal services tailored specifically to nonprofits. We help our nonprofit clients realize, protect and achieve their goals.


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Collins Legal attorneys offer comprehensive representation and extensive knowledge to our clients. We operate under the belief that the best client relationships are those founded in respect, honesty and trust. Our legal team is dedicated to providing customized counsel based on strategies formulated for each unique legal situations as it arises. Our unique backgrounds, vast experience and unconventional approach to client service combined with our innovative, forward-thinking legal strategies make Collins Legal the general legal counsel choice for businesses and individuals alike in Tennessee. 

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We are a crucial component of our clients’ decision-making teams. Being at the table with our clients as they make decisions – big and small –  ensures their assets and interests are protected. Our clients remain on the offensive, always controlling their interests and their narrative, because we forecast, plan and guard against what could put them on the defensive.


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