General Legal Counsel

As a general legal counsel client of Collins Legal, you will maintain a distinct advantage, as we protect you and your business interests regardless of the issue. Our comprehensive suite of legal services is specifically tailored to our general legal counsel clients. By retaining Collins Legal as general legal counsel, clients have a dedicated team of attorneys to represent them and keep their liabilities to a minimum.

Collins Legal is committed to protecting and advancing the interests of our clients – especially our General Legal clients. 

We’re ready to get to work


Collins Legal delivers sound legal solutions for companies. We’ve developed a successful track record and have experience in:

  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law
  • General Litigation

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

We love entrepreneurs and start-ups. We solve your problems, protect your assets and reputation, help you build wealth, and turn your ideas into reality. The advantage to working with Collins Legal is the strength of our ideas and our dedication to successfully executing winning legal strategies.


We help our nonprofit clients realize, protect and achieve their goals.

Regulatory Compliance


Promoting and protecting clients’ best interests is at the forefront of Collins Legal’s objectives.

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